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Behavioural Data Science

This website showcases research in Behavioural Data Science and demonstrates the impact it had on education and practice across a wide variety of sectors.

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What Is Behavioural Data Science?

Behavioral Data Science is a new, emerging, interdisciplinary field, which combines techniques from the behavioral sciences, such as psychology, economics, sociology, and business, with computational approaches from computer science, statistics, data-centric engineering, information systems research and mathematics, all in order to better model, understand and predict behavior.

Behavioral Data Science lies at the interface of all these disciplines (and a growing list of others) — all interested in combining deep knowledge about the questions underlying human, algorithmic, and systems behavior with increasing quantities of data. 

Latest Highlights

Research Highlight: Behavioural Data Science Helps to Deliver Inclusive AI

A recent Behavioural Data Science study demonstrates how behavioural theory can enhance existing data science algorithms to deliver more inclusive outcomes for leaders of underrepresented communities.

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